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Comfort Zone Camp
Comfort Zone Camp, a fun and safe place for grieving children, is the nation's largest bereavement camp for children who have experienced the loss of a parent, sibling or primary caregiver. Camps are held in Richmond, Virginia, and are open to all grieving children from across the country.

Comprehensive Services Act (CSA)
CSA is a Virginia law designed to help troubled youths and their families. State and local agencies, parents and private service providers work together to plan and provide services. In each community, local teams decide how to accomplish this

The Parents Quick Reference Card 
This quick and easy reference guide provides common warning signs of gang involvement and tips on how parents can intervene.

McGruff's Website
Whether you are a teacher, law enforcement officer, community volunteer, parent, or other adult who works with children in grades pre-K through five, you can help protect children and guide them in developing the skills they need to make good choices today and for the rest of their lives.

National Center for Juvenile Justice
The State Juvenile Justice Profiles web site features information and analysis regarding Virginia's juvenile justice system.

Veto Violence
This site provides parents with numerous resources for identifying and responding to a variety of warning signs.