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Juvenile Detention

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16.1-315 16.1-316 16.1-317 16.1-318
Code of Virginia 16.1-316

Number and terms of members; admission of additional local governing bodies

A juvenile detention home, group home or other residential care facility commission shall consist of not less than three members and shall be comprised of at least one member from each participating political subdivision. In addition, the participating political subdivisions may provide for the appointment of an alternate for each principal member of such a commission. The alternate members may attend and participate in all meetings of the commission and may vote in the absence of their respective principals. Such members and alternates, if any, shall be appointed, after consultation with the chief judge of the juvenile and domestic relations district court, by the governing body. Neither the chief judge nor any judge of the juvenile and domestic relations district court from his district shall be a member of the commission.

The term of office of all members and alternates, if any, shall be for four years. When additional local governing bodies desire to join the commission, they may do so upon the recommendation of the commission and with the approval of the sponsoring local governing bodies. The number of members which the applicant local governments will be entitled to appoint to such commission and other conditions relating to the expansion of sponsoring membership shall be determined by the agreement entered into between or among the sponsoring local governments and such applicant local governments.

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