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Juvenile Detention

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16.1-315 16.1-316 16.1-317 16.1-318
Code of Virginia 16.1-317

Quorum; chairman; rules of procedure; compensation

The appointive members of the commission shall constitute the commission, and the powers of the commission shall be vested in and exercised by the members in office from time to time. Neither the chief judge nor any judge of the juvenile and domestic relations district court shall be a member of the commission.

A majority of the members in office shall constitute a quorum. The commission shall elect a chairman, and shall adopt rules and regulations for its own procedure and government. The governing bodies of the participating political subdivisions may by ordinance or resolution provide for the payment of compensation to the members of the commission and for the reimbursement of their actual expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

(Code 1950, 16.1-202.4; 1966, c. 509; 1977, c. 559; 1978, cc. 37, 717; 1988, c. 885; 1992, c. 441.)